Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is the principal academic body of the University.

The  Academic Senate's role in relation to the governance of the University  is based on the historical development of Universities as communities  of scholars. The Academic Senate provides a forum within the University for collegial discussion and decisions in relation to academic programs and policies.

The principal functions of the Academic  Senate as prescribed in the CSU By-Law include advising the Council and  Vice-Chancellor on all matters relating to teaching, scholarship and research and ensuring the high quality of teaching and learning and research within the University by developing and implementing  appropriate policies.

The Academic Senate does not consider budgets and financial matters, however it does, from time to time, make recommendations in relation to the financial allocations for resources for academic activities where it deems that such a recommendation is necessary.

Enquiries about the Academic Senate can be sent to the Executive Officer of the Academic Senate.