RM user guides: Unirecords

If your role requires you to use Unirecords, please complete the online request form and tick "Production" under Unirecords environment.

Unirecords can only be accessed when using the Charles Sturt University network. If you need access from outside the network (for example, you are working from home), you can use one of the remote access options available through the Division of Information Technology.

Once you've requested an account and are on the network, you can follow these instructions to install Unirecords on a Windows PC or laptop. Mac users will need to use the online version of Unirecords, https://records.csu.edu.au/. The desktop and web versions are quite different, so please contact record@csu.edu.au for assistance.

Policy and Records have created an extensive suite of user guides in Confluence to support Unirecords users.

If you have any questions about using Unirecords, or would like to book some training, please contact records@csu.edu.au.