Internal Audit

Internal Audit brings an independent, systematic and disciplined approach to the evaluation of the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes. Unlike external assurance providers, Internal Audit provides assurance to management, the Audit and Risk Committee and the University Council that controls are operating as expected.

Internal Audit reports directly to the Council via the Audit and Risk Committee and provides advice to the Vice-Chancellor. The University Secretary has administrative oversight and management over Internal Audit across Charles Sturt.

Internal Audit at Charles Sturt operates in accordance with the Internal Audit Charter and the Internal Audit Manual.

EY has been appointed by the University Council as the University's Internal Audit service provider, working with the Charles Sturt internal audit team to deliver services across Charles Sturt University.

Internal Audit Team

Internal Audit Officer

Christina Kozlik

The Internal Audit Officer will work jointly with EY to deliver internal audit services.

Engagement Partner (EY)

Amy Grace

Amy will be the lead Engagement Partner and will be responsible for overall delivery and service quality. Amy will leverage a deep experience across the Education sector, and will bring insights to deliver a robust, and tailored internal audit. Amy will be your first point of contact for queries and feedback.

Engagement Director (EY)

Jon Lucas

Jon will serve as the day-to-day contact for the Internal Audit and will oversee the delivery of the Internal Audit Plan and manage key stakeholder relationships. He will also provide access to the right expertise to ensure value is delivered through the internal audits.

Engagement IT Senior Manager (EY)

Luke Kim

Luke will be responsible for the day to day management and delivery of the IT audit projects. He will work closely with Jon and the team to ensure that the right communication, capability building, tools, techniques and resources are integrated and that the program is delivered on time and with high quality.

Engagement IA Manager (EY)

Joanna Kingsman

Joanna will be on the ground and responsible for overseeing fieldwork and managing the delivery team. She is an internal audit specialist and has extensive experience managing and delivering internal audit engagements. You will see her regularly during the delivery of internal audit work at CSU.

Internal Audit Senior Consultants and Consultants (EY)


A team of highly capable consultants will support the engagement team.

Internal Audit Lifecycle

Diagram of Internal Audit Lifecycle

Frequently Asked Questions

You will see us from time to time carrying out work at relevant offices and campuses. The frequency and locations we attend will be determined when we scope projects.

We may spend between 1-4 weeks carrying out an internal audit project and some interaction with staff will be needed during this time. However, we will plan carefully and work hard to accommodate your daily work activities and minimise disruption as much as we can.

Your first contact should be the Internal Audit Officer or Executive Officer to the University Secretary.

We will communicate mainly via Microsoft Teams Video Conference meetings. On-site meetings will be held where required as agreed with key stakeholders in advance, and taking into account factors such as COVID-19 travel restrictions.

When carrying out an internal audit project we will work closely with the executive sponsor of the project to define information requirements and a single point of contact (SPOC), who will be the day-to-day contact. As part of our work we will carry out interviews to understand processes, and carry out analytics and sample testing to see evidence of controls. The most common information we will require will be policies and procedures, a verbal description and demonstration of processes occurring, data to select a sample for testing and evidence of processes/controls in action.

We will report to the Charles Sturt University Audit and Risk Committee via the University Secretary.