The Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs (OGCA) leads the coordination and management of the governance of the University and provides executive support to senior committees of the University, including University Council (and its committees), Academic Senate (and its committees), Faculty Boards, and expert compliance committees that the University is required to convene in accordance with national guidelines and legislation.

OGCA supports the University in achieving its strategic objectives through the development of mutually beneficial relationships with the stakeholders it supports.

Administrative support, governance and related advisory services relating to the corporate organisation of the University, such as graduations, elections, University Rules and delegations are also provided by OGCA.

Office services

The Office has strategic oversight and/or management of the following functions:

  • Governance (corporate, academic and information);
  • Internal Audit;
  • Risk and compliance;
  • Complaints and grievances;
  • Legal services; and
  • Policy and records management.

The Office is led by the University Secretary and Director, Governance and Corporate Affairs who is supported by senior staff who oversee each of the functional units.

Key contacts

Tony Heywood
Acting University Secretary

Hannah Brimstone
Executive Officer

Kylie Fogarty
Executive Assistant

Phone: +61 2 6338 4207
Email: unisec@csu.edu.au

Mail to: 

Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs
Charles Sturt University
The Grange Chancellery
Panorama Avenue
Bathurst NSW 2795

Our functions

Complaints, grievances and whistleblowing

Members of the University community are encouraged to make a report where they have reasonable grounds to suspect wrongdoing, illegal activity, or conduct which is unethical.

Internal audit

The Risk and Compliance Unit support the good governance and management of the University.

Risk and compliance

The Risk and Compliance Unit support the good governance and management of the University.

Policy and record management

Policy and records management is an integral arm of good governance. The Policy and Records Management Team provide an effective framework of control and support.

Governance services

The Governance Services team is responsible for providing secretariat support to the University Council and Council committees, including the Academic Senate and its supporting committees.

Legal services

The Legal Services team is responsible for providing independent legal advice in the best interests of the University and consistent with the University's legal obligations.