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The Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs was established in July 2015 as a component of the Service Improvement Project. The Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs is responsible for coordinating the governance of the University. The Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs provides advice to the Vice-Chancellor, senior executives and staff of the University in relation to University governance, audit and risk management, investigations/appeals and complaints, legislative compliance, legal requirements, policy management and records management.

The Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs also assists with other administrative, governance and advisory services relating to the corporate organisation of the University, such as graduation, elections, University rules and delegations.

The Office has strategic oversight and/or management of the following functions:

  • Governance (corporate and academic);
  • Audit and Risk Management;
  • Investigations, Appeals and Complaints;
  • Legislative Compliance;
  • Legal Services;
  • University Policy (both academic and non-academic) advice and management; and
  • University Records (advice and management).

The Office is organised into four complementary operational units:

This structure promotes interactions and collaborations between the functional units to create a shared understanding of activities, goals, priorities and work tasks that are similar in nature, as well as support a coordinated performance model that is able to synthesise complex information relating to these areas and deliver high level outcomes.

The Office is led by the University Secretary and Director, Governance and Corporate Affairs who is supported by four senior staff who oversee each of the functional units that provide services through this Organisational Structure.