Legal Services

The role of the Legal Services team within the Legal Services unit is to provide quality, ethical and professional legal advice and services to the University, to facilitate appropriate decision making, and ensure management of legal issues impacting upon the University.

The General Counsel is the principal legal officer of the University and is responsible for the overall management of the provision of legal advice and services to the University, in the best interests of the University and consistent with the University's legal obligations.

Any legal advice requested from the Legal Services unit must relate to the business and interests of the Univeristy. Legal Services does not provide legal advice to students, nor do they provide legal advice to employees about matters of a personal nature.

Needing legal advice?

You may make a request for legal advice by email to:

a. the Legal Services email inbox (; or

b. a specific University lawyer if you are reasonably satisfied the matter relates to a matter or category of work previously managed by the relevant University lawyer.

We will acknowledge receipt and allocate your enquiry to a lawyer within 3 - 5 business days.

A request for legal advice must contain clear instructions with a summary of what the matter or transaction is about, the required time frame, and must be accompanied by all relevant background information and documents.

Requests for legal advice received by Legal Services are normally dealt with in order of receipt but are prioritised according to level of importance and genuine urgency.

Please involve Legal Services as early as possible in any transaction or matter where legal advice or services are required, including when there are time-critical considerations involved in the proposed matter or transaction (e.g. funding arrangements or meeting any deadlines imposed by a court or time limits imposed by legislation).