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Complaints, Policy & Records Management


CSU is committed to ensuring that learning, research and work is able to be undertaken in an environment that is respectful and inclusive. We recognise that students with a grievance, or involved in a grievance resolution process, may require support. Students may consult with the University Ombudsman to discuss access to CSU support services.

We welcome complaints as a tool of quality improvement. We are committed to ensuring that all complaints are dealt with fairly, efficiently and effectively.

Our complaints handling system is underpinned by principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.

Policy and Records Management

CSU recognises the importance of good policy and records management as an integral arm of good governance. The Policy and Records Management Team provides an effective framework of control and support that includes:

  • tools and techniques,
  • training and support programs,
  • quality assurance, evaluation, and review,
  • monitoring,
  • records management systems analysis
  • and reporting.

The records team also deals with Freedom of Information and other information requests. These can be made through the University Ombudsman’s office.

Everyone at CSU has a role to play in effectively managing complaints, complying with policy and maintaining good records. Individual staff are the first line of contact for complaints and staff are encouraged to know and apply University policies and maintain records of any matters that they deal with. Staff are reminded that they should use professional language when engaging in communications with others. All written communication can be requested by anyone in an FOI application. The principles underpinning FOI/Government Information (Public Access)(GIPA) law is that information should be shared unless there is an overriding public interest against disclosure, for example, that information requested is personal private information.

The Complaints, Policy and Records Management unit is under the management of the University Ombudsman who reports directly to the University Secretary and Director of Governance and Corporate Affairs. The University Ombudsman supervises the Manager of Policy and Records, Records Officer and Policy Officer.