A  classification scheme stipulates the use of controlled vocabulary to ensure  that terms are used consistently.  This  facilitates searching, retrieval, disposal sentencing and reporting.  To provide a consistent method for the  classification of folders Charles Sturt University has adopted the Keyword AAA Functional Thesaurus  as the basis for its classification system.

According  to this classification model:

  • Functional keywords represent  broad business functions of the University, for example: Property &  Facilities Management, Teaching & Learning, Financial Management etc;
  • Activity descriptors describe the  more specific activities taking place within those functions, for example,  Maintenance, Construction, and;
  • Subject descriptors are added as a  means of describing the more specific subjects or topics relating to the matter  to be documented within an activity.  These authorised terms can be supplemented by  some free text, that is, words not derived from the classification scheme, such  as the name of an organisation, an individual or a project.

The  keywords and descriptors are authorised terms provided by the classification  scheme.  A folder title is constructed by  allocating a functional keyword, followed by an activity descriptor, followed  by a subject descriptor and/or some free text.   Scope notes describe how each of these terms is to be used.

An  example of the hierarchical title structure is:


In  the example PROPERTY & FACILITIES MANAGEMENT is the functional keyword to describe the  function of managing University premises.  Maintenance is the activity descriptor representing this activity taking place.  Lifts is the subject descriptor, showing the  subject/topic being documented on the file.   You can see from the file title itself that lifts are one concern when  carrying out the maintenance activity and that maintenance is an activity that  must take place when managing premises.

If the classification scheme does not have a suitable keyword or activity descriptor, please contact the Manager, University Records.